10 Great Budget Gaming Setup Ideas

10 Great Budget Gaming Setup Ideas For Your Next Setup

Here are some Inspirations and Ideas For Gamer Rooms & Gaming Setups. These Are The Top 10 Budget Gaming Setups For Gaming and Productive Work.

1) Abdul’s Setup

best budget setup

Abdul is from Pakistan with his gaming and streaming setup, he has the floating desk design and I love it sometimes, it’s for space optimization but often times it’s just for aesthetics.

He has a single 27-inch Samsung monitor with the Razer Blackwidow keyboard and the Logitech G402 mouse.

For audio, he has Edifier XM6 2.1 speakers and Steelseries Siberia V2 headphones, for the microphone he has the Razer Seiren Mini Mercury White.


CPURyzen 5 3600
GPUGigabyte RTX 2060 GAMING
Mobo Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
RAMG. SKILL Ripjaws V 16GB
PSUCorsair VS650
CaseCorsair Carbide 275R Airflow
CoolerCooler Master Master Air MA410P

2) Alexandro‘s Setup

best budget setup

alex’s setup from Athens Greece is clean straight to the point with great execution, he’s got the gaming and editing set up on the right and a dedicated studying setup on the left, a lot of people might think these types of setups are a bit redundant because you know why not just use one setup for everything right?

but having a separate area just for studying is actually a smart move because you are isolating yourself from all the distractions and it makes it a lot easier to concentrate on your studies

Alex decided to go with a 96-inch cardboard countertop to build a gaming and studying setup, after all, if you have the space for it why not, plus it’s really great for expandability so later in the future if he decides to expand his setup then he definitely has a space for it.

He uses the 29-inch LG ultrawide for gaming and editing videos while the 43-inch Samsung tv is for watching videos or movies.

For the keyboard, he has the Motospeed CK103 and for the mouse, he has the Sharkoon SHARK Force.

He has Logitech Z333 speakers and finally, the pc in the setup is a budget build featuring the Ryzen 3 1200 and the GTX 950 beautiful dual purpose setup.


CPURyzen 3 1200
MoboMSI B350 PC Mate
RamG. SKILL Ageis 16GB
PSUThermaltake Smart SE
CasePhanteks P300
CoolerCooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

3) Brewster’s Setup

best budget setup

This setup is pure aesthetic pleasure Brewster from California built this beautiful setup for gaming, talking on discord with a bit of watching anime on the side, I’m in love with this setup.

He has this monochromatic theme up against a blacked-out wallpaper which just draws your attention back onto the setup itself, he went with a double-stacked monitor layout to save some space on the desk, and to stick with the minimal theme, he has also opted for wireless peripherals.

He has the DK61 keyboard with lubed switches and the G-Pro wireless mouse from Logitech, he doesn’t use any speakers but he does own a few headsets that he keeps on a boom arm next to his PC.

For the PC he has the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU paired with the RX 570 Graphics Card a very modest budget build that powers a clean budget setup.


CPURyzen 5 3600
MoboTomahawk B450 Max
RamG. SKILL Ripjaws 16GB
PSUCorsair 650W
CaseNZXT H510
CoolerCooler Master EVO

4) Eli‘s Setup

best budget setup

This setup doesn’t look budget when it has three monitors but the gear in the setup is still less than $2000 but aside from the price can we just admire the presentation here, such a dope looking setup with that monochrome theme and the wallpaper in the back just ties everything in together so well.

Eli is a student from salt lake city who built the setup for the purpose of gaming and schoolwork the main display that’s used for gaming is the 34 inches ultrawide from LG followed by 27 inches underneath for multitasking and he uses the vertical monitor mostly for discord.

For the keyboard, he has the Royal kludge RK-61 and for the mouse, he has the Logitech G502 Hero SE.

For audio, he’s got a pair of Logitech Z313 speakers for listening to music and the turtle beach XO 4 that he uses for gaming, he also has a blue snowball ice mounted on a boom arm between his PC.


CPUIntel 5-4690k
GPUEVGA Geforce GTX 960
MoboMSI 970 Gaming
RamG. SKILL Ripjaws 16GB
PSURosewell 600W
CaseCorsair 760T
CoolerCorsair H100I Pro

5) Lukas‘s Setup

best budget setup

This is a simple and clean setup, he’s got a 29-inch ultrawide mounted against the wall with a raceway covering the cables going across beautiful beautiful work he doesn’t have much else on the desk other than his keyboard and mouse which he also drilled a hole in the desk.

For the keyboard, he has the Razer Blackwidow Chroma and for the mouse, he has the Trust gaming mouse.

His custom PC has a bottle of Hennessy inside, which is either the dumbest thing I’ve seen or is the most badass thing I’ve seen there is no in-between, the cable management is pretty good as well, that it’s a pretty sweet setup


CPUIntel 5-4460
GPUAsus Strix GTX 960
MoboAsus H81M-K
RamDDR3 16GB
PSUCorsair VS550
CaseNZXT 500
CoolerCoolmaster Master G100M

6) Christian’s Setup

best budget setup

this setup’s purpose is for gaming and schoolwork and he built it on top of the Ikea Micke desk, I love how clean and minimal looks he’s got a single 25-inch Asus monitor with the Ajazz AK-33 60 percent keyboard that’s paired with the Hoopond wireless mouse you can’t get any cleaner than this cables are beautifully managed then hidden underneath the desk,

the only other thing left is the custom pc he built packing the Ryzen 5 3600 and the MSI RTX 2060 Ventus.

He’s got the correct fan configuration, proper memory placement, and even picked up a white PSU for those white cables, you can definitely tell he put his heart and soul into the setup and he’s only 13 years old, I’m impressed.


CPURyzen 5 3600
GPUMSI RTX 2060 Ventus
MoboMSI B450 Tomahawk Max
RamCorsair 16GB
PSUCorsair 650W CX-F RGB
CaseNZXT H510
CoolerStock AMD

7) Diogo’s Setup

best budget setup

This setup is built for only gaming and has a very cool dedicated place for the PC, I mean he technically had enough space on the desk but he wanted to keep the surface very minimal so installed a wall shelf with a raceway in the corner to hide the cables.

He has also mounted both monitors, the bottom 24 inches is mounted to the desk while the smaller one is against the wall, so he can tilt it down a little bit, the keyboard and mouse cable is going across the desk.

For the keyboard, he has the FoxGaming FK63T TLK RGB Outemu Red and for the mouse, he has the Omen with Steelseries Rival 300.

For the PC, he has the i5 8400 with 16 GB ram but he didn’t list the GPU so I have no clue what that is but I’m gonna assume it’s a low-end card judging by the single eight-pin PCI connector but overall a fantastic budget setup built here.


CPUIntel 5-8400
MoboATX MSI B360 Gaming Plus
RamG. Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB
CaseCoolmaster Masterbox Lite 5

8) Jacob’s Setup

best budget setup

this setup is built for gaming, movies, and a little bit of editing, the brick wallpaper sets a nice tone for the setup he’s got  a 24-inch 144HZ monitor mounted against the wall with a white raceway covering the cables going

For the keyboard, he has the Razer Blackwidow Elite and for the mouse, he has the Corsair Harpoon.

For audio, he uses Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming headset

PC is pre-built from HP that’s equipped with double intel Xeon processors 32 GB ram and the Asus GTX 1060.


CPUDouble Intel Xeon X5667
RamDDR3 32GB
CaseHP Workstation Z600

9) Kieran’s Setup

best budget setup

This is a multi-purpose setup for music production, gaming, and of course watching anime we can’t forget about anime.

For the keyboard, he has the Logitech g512 and for the mouse, he has the Logitech G502.

He uses the ATH-M50X from Audio Technica combination with the Neewer NW-700 microphone which are both hooked up to his Behringer U-Phoria audio interface, a pretty decent job when it comes to cable management underneath the desk

The PC is powered with a super clean custom build featuring the Ryzen 7 3700x and the red Devil RX 5700 XT it could use some cheap cable extensions from amazon but overall a really clean build to complement a clean setup.


CPURyzen 7 3700X
GPUPowercolor Red Devil 5700 XT
MoboMSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
RamCrucial Ballistix 16GB
CaseCorsair 275R
CoolerStock AMD

10) Sam’s Setup

best budget setups

this is a gaming and streaming setup, a lot of people have the same issue as sam where they want to build a setup in their bedroom but they just don’t have space for it.

In sam’s case the bed would have interfered with the setup if you were to go with a regular desk so what does he do he improvised and mounted only the tabletop against the desk eliminating the need to use any support legs.

He’s able to support the tabletop against the desk using only two l brackets but in order to prevent as much weight on them as possible, he mounted both of his monitors against the wall

For the keyboard, he has the Evolabs Builder RGB gaming and for the mouse, he has the Patuoxun Wireless.

the only other heavy item on the desk is the custom pc rocking the Ryzen 5 2600 and the GTX 970.


CPURyzen 5 2600
GPUGigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming
MoboAsus Prime B450M
RamCrucial Ballistix
PSUCorsair CX500M
CaseLian Li Lancool 215
CoolerCoolermaster Hyper 212 EVO