Garrett Ware’s Battle Station and Gaming Setup

Garrett Ware’s Battle Station and Gaming Setup

Garrett works in IT, he’s also a designer and it took him a total of two years to get to this point, he built an insane gaming battle station inside one of his rooms.

This is where happiness comes from and this is also where he does pretty much everything from gaming to work and even watching sports and movies.

triple ultrawide gaming setups

You know there aren’t that many triple ultrawide setups out there but when there is they always impress me.

The top ultrawide monitors are flipped upside down to minimize the bezels between all three displays, you just get this beautiful seamless transition from one monitor to the next.

Garrett Ware's Battle Station / Gaming Setup

Garrett was tired of seeing IKEA furniture and all the setups on social media, so he wanted to build his very own custom table.

He decided to go with a corner disk layout and all the pieces were made out of fir wood and acrylic.

There is a lot of contrast going on here the surface was painted black while the support posts were painted in red.

 acrylic cover

I also liked the acrylic cover he used to diffuse the RGB strips running across the edge of the desk, that was very clever.

The cable management is practically flawless not a single cable in sight.

gaming peripherals

For peripherals, he’s got a custom keyboard paired with the Logitech g903 mouse, he’s rocking the think 6.5 v2 with lubed alpacas, and the GMK Jamon keycaps such a good-looking board that complements the mouse pad and his speakers nicely.

This is an interesting color scheme as well, the insane amount of lining he’s got is a combination of Nanoleaf canvas and shapes scattered across the wall with this pretty cool custom acoustic panel with RGB strips behind it.

wall mounted water cooled pc

He has a wall-mounted water-cooled PC with the Ryzen 7 3700X, 64 GB Ram, and the Sapphire Pulse RX 5700XT.


CPURyzen 7 3700X
GPUSapphire Pulse RX 5700XT
MoboMSI Meg X570 Ace
RAMG.Skill 64 GB
PSUCorsair RM 850X
CaseThermaltake Core P3
CoolerCustom Loop

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