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Joey The Anime Man’s Really Messy Gaming and Office Setup

This is Joey Bizinger’s gaming/office setup, he is also known as The Anime Man, he is a Japanese Australian YouTuber, voice actor, rapper, songwriter, and podcaster.

His video work focuses on anime, manga, Japanese culture, language, and gaming.

Joey The Anime Man's Gaming Office Setup

So to start off he has some carpet on the ground, he actually bought a bunch of small square panels.

Joey The Anime Man's Gaming Office Setup

This is not one piece of carpet by the way, as you can see there are little blocks of carpet that he put on, he’s also got some anti sound and mold-proof sheets at the bottom, so yeah he has basically covered his entire office floor with these blocks.

Joey The Anime Man's Gaming Office Setup

The first thing you might immediately notice is that he has not two now but four screens.

He’s got a four monitor set up completely upgraded and compared to like over a year ago when he only really had like one monitor.

He uses a standing 180-centimeter desk which he can increase the height of his desk however he pleases, he bought two Elgato key lights for streaming on twitch.

Joey The Anime Man's Gaming Office Setup

He has a complete wall full of acoustic foam, you can’t call yourself a YouTuber without putting up some acoustic foam.

Shure SMB7 microphone
GOXLR mini.

He has the Shure SMB7 microphone which he uses for his podcast and audio recording for his videos, he’s been using it for over a year, and attached to that he has the GOXLR mini.

record player turntable setup

The Anime Man loves music and has been collecting records for the longest time and so he has a record player turntable full Yamaha setup.

Watch Detailed Video Of Joey The Anime Man’s Gaming/Office Setup

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