10 Ultimate and Most Powerful Gaming Setups For Gamers

10 Ultimate and Most Powerful Gaming Setups For Gamers

These Are 10 Ultimate and Most Powerful Gaming Setups that Look Awesome and Have Top-Notch Specs and designs. Inspirations and Ideas For Gamer Rooms & Gaming Setups.

1) Adriel’s Gaming Setup

gaming pc

This is an interesting compact hybrid gaming and productivity setup, Adriel is an architect, and this setup he uses for architecture, designing, and gaming. He has a 27-inch gaming HKC M27G1Q monitor mounted to a Kruzo Minimalist Z desk and a Surface Book 2.

this is a unique desk mounting where both of the arms are hooked up to the same neckpiece and oddly enough it works really well with this setup with the other arm is holding up the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

The monochrome theme of this setup is very fascinating, it’s like your looking at a modern art piece, it definitely stands out more compared to the other flashy RGB setups that you usually see.

For audio, he has JBL Pulse 2 wireless speakers and Logitech G Pro Headset and for peripherals, Adriel is using a Coolermaster CK530 keyboard and Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse, he also has Xiaomi Yeelight desk lamps.

gaming pc and xbox 1s

For gaming, he has an Xbox One S and a massive gaming PC on his desk which has the Intel i7 8700, the RTX 2080 Founder’s Edition graphic’s card, and 16 GB RAM.


CPUIntel i7 8700
GPURTX 2080 Founder’s Edition
MoboAsus H370M
RAMCorsair Vengeance 16 GB
PSUFSP Hydro-G 850W Gold
CaseCoolermaster SL600M
CoolerDeepcool Castle RGB 240

2) Brandon‘s Gaming Setup

gaming setup

This is Brandon’s custom-built setup that he uses for gaming, watching movies, and editing, he has a massive custom-made desk with carbon fiber accents that he mounted against the wall, and above that, he has a few monitors mounted against the wall.

The main PC gaming setup has a 49-inch super ultra-wide Samsung CRG9 monitor right under a 27-inch Acer Nitro display and in order to minimize the bezels between both monitors he has flipped the Acer monitor upside down so that the chin is towards the top.

He also has 55-inch 4k TV from LG with a 120Hz refresh rate and a secondary 27-inch Acer Predator with a 165Hz refresh rate that’s built in the desk.

In order to switch between setups, Brandon has wireless peripherals for the keyboard he uses Logitech G915 and the Logitech G903 for the mouse.

For the audio, he is using the Audio Technica M50X headset, Yamaha HS8 Speakers, and he also has a set of Logitech Z906 surround sound speakers.

Ultimate Gaming pc

Finally, the Monster PC powering both setups is custom-built that has an i9 9900K CPU with an RTX 3090 FE.


CPUIntel i9 9900K
MoboAsus Hero XI Z390
RAMPatriot Viper Steel 4X8 GB MHZ
CaseLian Li o11 Dynamic
CoolerCorsair H150I Pro

3) Bruno’s Gaming Setup

resident evil gaming setup

This is a jaw-dropping Resident Evil themed setup that took Bruno 15 months to finish.

He has 3 monitors on a custom backboard with the middle being ultra-wide from Acer and on both sides, he has Samsung C27FG73, he also has a 49-inch LG TV up top as an overhead, on that custom backboard he also mounted a soundbar and a couple of wall shelves holding up wars mini drones and on above that he has some RGB hexagon panels

Everything is added with symmetry in mind, the desk which is custom-built is separated into different modules and has a glass top that can be lifted up, the left side has a water-cooled PS4 Pro built while the right side holds the main water-cooled PC.

He has the Drevo Blademaster keyboard and the Logitechg903 mouse, other than the soundbars he has 2 massive Teufel Ultima 40 speakers and a pair of Sennheiser Game Zero headphones.

gaming pc

On the left side is where the console setup is, he took apart his PS4, painted the motherboard housing, and water-cooled it while sticking with the T-virus theme

The PC is on the right side of the desk which is water-cooled with a Resident Evil theme and he’s stuck with a green coolant to mimic the t-virus.


CPUIntel Core i7 8086K
MoboAsus ROG Maximus Formula XI
RAMAdata XPG Sectrix D80 32 GB
PSUCorsair RM 1000
CaseCustom Hybrid Gaming Desk
CoolerCustom Watercooled

He has a second PC mounted on the wall which is connected to the top display and uses that system separately from the water-cooled system inside the desk.

This PC has custom-made covers for the PSU cables, a custom-made Cyberpunk GPU backplate, and a dope custom-made LED logo right above the reservoir which is also integrated with the rest of the lighting of the PC.

4) Cristian’s Gaming Setup

gaming pc

This is an epic editing and streaming setup, he has dual 27-inch BenQ Zowie monitors mounted against the wall, filled with 3d art panels, the desk consists of 2 Bekant tabletops from Ikea that he stitched together with a couple of Alex Drawers as support a LIFX Beam going across the side of the table.

gaming setup

For peripherals, he’s using the Duckey One 2 Mini with custom keycaps and a custom coil cable paired with a G Wolves mouse, as a streamer he has a Mini GOXLR mixer with an Elgato stream deck, for audio he’s using a Logitech G Pro headset and Rode Procaster microphone.

gaming pc

Cristian has duals PCs as well, a streaming PC and a Gaming PC.

Streaming PC Specifications

CPURyzen 3900k
RAMG. Skill Trident Z 32 GB
CaseLian Li PC
CoolerCustom Watercooled

Gaming PC Specifications

CPUIntel i7 8700k
GPU2080 TI Zotac
RAMCorsair Vengeance 32 GB
CaseIbuypower Snowblind

5) Jonathan’s Gaming Setup

gaming pc

This is an insane dual setup, he uses the triple monitor setup is used mainly for competitive gaming and photo editing while the other setup is used for drawing, photo editing, and casual gaming.

gaming pc

This basically just a giant corner desk, the main setup has 3 displays with the middle one being Alianware ultra-wide and the side one’s being Dell S2716DGR all mounted to the wall, and below that he has the Massdrop CTRL keyboard and the Razer Viper Ultimate wireless mouse.

Primary PC Specifications

CPUIntel i9 9900k
MoboMSI MEG ACE Z390 LGA1151
RAMCorsair Vengeance 32 GB
PSUEVGA Supernova G3 850W
CaseNZXT H700I
CoolerNZXT Kraken
gaming pc

The setup on the left has a 43-inch Samsung 4K TV paired up with the Veikk VK1560 drawing tablet, for peripherals he’s using Anne Pro 2 keyboard with custom keycaps and cables with the Coolermaster MM710 mouse.

For audio, he’s using a pair of Klipsch R15M speakers and a Corsair Void Pro headset.

Secondary PC Specifications

CPUIntel i7 7700k
MoboMSI Bazooka B250M
RAMGeil DDR4 16 GB
PSUThermaltake 600W Smart
CaseDarkflash Micro ATX Tower
CoolerNZXT Kraken

6) Alex’s Gaming Setup

gaming setup

This is a fully custom-built setup in Alex’s basement, he organized his overcrowded basement to build a sick setup, the main element of this setup are the 2 giant pegboards which add a lot of utility and flexibility without damaging the wall.

The main PC setup is mainly for gaming and productivity from design to content creation for Alex’s Youtube channel, he’s using dual 27-inch LG monitors that he has mounted to his desk.

He has a Steelseries Apex keyboard and the Logitech G502 mouse, for audio, he has Bose Acoustimass 3 Series IV and Astro A40 headset mounted on the pegboard along with his Xbox 360 controller.

gaming pc


CPUIntel i7 9700k
GPUAsus Turbo RTX 2080
MoboAsrock Z390 Phantom Gaming SLI/AC
RAMAdata XPG Gammix D10
CoolerCoolermaster Masterliquid ML240R

7) Freshjuma’s Gaming Setup

gaming setup

This is the fanciest setup on this list with luxurious 4 recliner chairs set up across the room facing an 0-inch 4K TV

gaming setup
gaming setup

He has a triple 25-inch 240Hz Alienware monitor setup and for peripherals, he’s using the Corsair K95 keyboard paired with the Corsair Ironclaw wireless mouse, for audio he has set of Logitech G560 speakers and an Astro A50 headset.

gaming pc


CPUIntel i7 10700k
GPURTX 2080 TI Aorus
MoboAsus Prime Z490-A LGA 1200
PSUCorsair AX1600I
CaseLian Li PC-O11
CoolerDeepcool Captain 240EX

8) Laurenz’s Gaming Setup

gaming setup

This is an attic that is converted into a gaming room where Laurenz Sleeps and does gaming.

gaming setup

The main setup consists of triple displays, a 32-inch 144Hz in the middle as the main gaming monitor sandwiched by the 2 additional 27-inch 60Hz panels.

This setup is built on top of the Ikea Linnmon tabletop and 2 Drawers tucked underneath for support, for peripherals he’s using the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard with the Roccat Kone Aimo mouse, and for audio, he has the Astro A50 headset and the Logitech speakers.

gaming pc


CPURyzen 7 2700X
GPUMSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2070
MoboAsus Strix B450-F Gaming
RAMCorsair Vengeance 16 GB
PSUBe Quiet 750W
CaseThermaltake View 71
CoolerBe Quiet 360MM Liquid Cooler

9) Nawab’s Gaming Setup

gaming setup

This is from UAE with a cozy entertainment area where Nawab watches movies and plays games on his PS4.

gaming setup

The main gaming setup is a super clean tie fighter setup with a 32-inch ultra-wide 120Hz Dell monitor in the middle and 24-inch 60Hz Dell displays in vertical mode at both sides.

He has built the setup on a dark grey Ikea Ekbacken Tabletop with 2 Alex Drawers on both sides to give support, for peripherals he’s using the Cougar Attack X3 keyboard and the Razer Viper Ultimate mouse.

For audio, he has 2 headsets the HyperX Cloud 2 on the Deadpool stand and Astro A50.

gaming pc

For the PC powering this setup is custom-built inside a Cougar Conquer 2 case.


CPURyzen 9 3900X
GPUGigabyte Aorus 2080 TI Xtreme
MoboMSI X570 Creation
RAMCorsair Vengeance 32 GB
PSUCorsair HX 1200W
CaseCougar Conquer 2
CoolerGigabyte Aorus Liquid Cooler 360

10) Daniel’s Gaming Setup

gaming setup

Daniel uses this setup for gaming and work, This setup is built on an Ikea Malm desk with dual displays with the primary being a 27-inch 144Hz and the secondary being a 27-inch 170Hz monitor, and up top, there is a 50-inch 4k Samsung TV.

He has the Logitech G915 TKL keyboard paired with the Logitech G Pro wireless mouse.

For audio, he has a set of creative pebble speakers in white and headsets, the Logitech G933 as the main and Steelseries Arctis 7 as a backup.

gaming pc

The PC powering this entire setup is equipped with the Ryzen 3900X and ROG Strix 2080 TI, it also has some RGB cable extensions and a custom LCD display in the back.


CPURyzen 3900X
GPUAsus ROG Strix 2080TI
MoboAsus ROG Strix X-570 EGaming
RAMThermaltake TOUGHRAM 32 GB 3600MHZ
PSUCorsair HX 1200W
CaseLian Li PC-O11Dynamic White ATX Mid Tower
CoolerGigabyte Aorus Liquid Cooler 360

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